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Unparalleled Protection
for your watches

I designed the Time Tote - Attaché with the highest quality materials I could find. The outer case is made from an injection molded high performance resin, which provides superior strength while remaining lightweight. The interior is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. The material is custom cut using a high-pressure technologically advanced water-jet machine with exacting precision. This polyethylene foam has non-abrasive, high impact, tear and compression resistance. It's easily capable of supporting the weight of a 200 lb. man standing on it. The spring bar tool is of a quality, all metal design, as is the superior made screwdriver. Even the label is "heavy duty"; it's a Lexan polycarbonate resin thermoplastic.

So, you ask why I put the effort and cost into designing this box; because nothing out there fit my needs for protecting my investments. The cases out there were too small to hold my large watches, or the watches flopped around and didn't provide adequate protection. I spent many hundreds of hours developing something that would fulfill all my needs. With the 6-A & 12-B, I can fit my 44mm Panerai next to my 56mm Heuer, yet still protect my Daytona in its own cavity.  The 24-CL utilizes all available space, which provides maximum storage.  It still allows for large watches, but may require some altering of spaces to fit oversized watches. I have a 4mm thick heavy duty strap on my Panerai, and NO problem with closing the lid and no rattling around with my 1960's dress Longines . As far as mixing larger and smaller watches, it's not a problem. The large watches are designed to mold and contour into the lid foam, yet the lid foam closes flat against the cavities, so smaller watches are each trapped in their own protective cavity with little to no room for rattling around. The firm yet flexible cuffs are cut to the exact width of the cavity, for added resistance to movement. It's also available with smaller cuffs for the ladies and slender men. I’m sure you will enjoy your Time Tote as much as I enjoyed bringing it to all of you.

Cheers, Michael Sanders

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A Note From Michael

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